Monday, June 22, 2009

Love's First Light by Jamie Cartie

Love's First Light by Jamie Cartie

Published by B&H Publishing

Christian historical romance about Scarlett and Christophe.  Taking place during the French Revolution, Christophe is an aristocrat who loses his entire family to the guilletine.  Barely escaping himself, he flees to the edge of France and hides in an ancestral crumbling castle.  There he meets Scarlett, the widow of a revolutionist.  Having only been married a few short months before becoming widowed, she returns to her family.  She meets Christophe while visiting her deceased husbands grave in the middle of the night.

Feeling drawn to each other some how, they start talking and fall for each other.  Until he discovers she was married to the nephew of the man responsible for the death of his family.  He flees back to Paris, intent on revenge.  Scarlett follows him to Paris, to save him from himself.  The majority of the story focuses on what they go through in Paris to be together without Christophe getting found out.

I'll say that this was a touch predictable, as most romances are, but it was refreshing that is was set during France's bloody revolution. I also liked that our main character was a pregnant widow. A good change from the usual virginal goodie goodie! 

I did enjoy this read, it was easy to get into, and I really wanted to keep reading it. There were some twists that I didn't expect, and that kept my interest.  

I recommend this to anyone wanting an interesting Christian romance read. Even if you aren't a reader of Christian fiction, you'll probably still like this book, as the Christian parts aren't over the top. Definitely glad I read this book.

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