Friday, October 24, 2008

Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins

Dark Pursuit - coming in December
by Brandilyn Collins
Zondervan, 283 pages

From the very first pages of this book, Brandilyn Collins takes the reader on a fast-paced adventure, ending at a place you would never expect.

22 year old Kaitlyn Sering has come a long way in a few short years.  From being a drug addict, Kaitlyn found God and started putting her life back together.  Now clean, and working as a beautician, Kaitlyn thinks she has a pretty good life.  She is dating gorgeous cop, Craig Barlow, and just realizes she is pregnant with his child when she finds a dead woman on her bed.  And all the signs are pointing to Craig as the killer.

Kaitlyn follows her first panicked instinct, and runs to her estranged grandfather for help.  This is the first contact she's had with him since he threw her out of his house for stealing from him when she was sixteen.

Darrell Brooke is known as the King of Suspense, having been a top author of suspense novels for the last forty years.  Left mentally unable to focus by a car wreck two years ago, he has not written in as long.  The last thing he wants or needs is Kaitlyn showing up at his door with this huge, and potentially life threatening, problem.

But Darrell agrees to help her, and tries to pull his mind together.  He send her off a crazy scheme to try and prove that Craig is the killer.  The twists in the plot at this point will have you shaking your head, but you will keep turning the page to see what crazy thing happens next.  The ending is totally unexpected.  I've read a lot of suspense, but I did NOT see it coming.  Ms. Collins has really delivered with this novel.  I liked it so much, I went and bought another one of her books to read!!


~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic review. I'm very glad you enjoyed Dark Pursuit. And I appreciate this kind of review, which tells just enough about the story and sets the stage for another reader without giving too much away. Thank you!

By the way, there are two ways you can have a chance to win free copies of my books. One is to sign up for my newsletter, Sneak Pique, on my website. The other is to join the Fans of Brandilyn Collins group of Facebook.

~ Blessings to you, Brandilyn

April D. said...

Thank you!! May you continue to be blessed with the ability to put the pen to the paper, and bring us great stories to read!!